What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source for blogging and CMS(content management system). It is the combination of PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

In general, WordPress is an open-source software on WordPress.org, and a bunch of volunteers developed it.

WordPress is designed for everyone, emphasizing performance, safety, and ease of use, allowing users to build websites in minutes that focus on sharing stories, products, and services.

WordPress provides 8 outstanding Features(So awesome !!!):

  1. Customizable Designs
  2. SEO Friendly
  3. Responsive Mobile Sites
  4. High Performance
  5. Mange on the Go (mobile phone)
  6. High Security
  7. Powerful Media Management 
  8. Easy and Accessible

What is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is a service based on WordPress(SaaS), which is own by Automattic Inc.

You can register your account for free on the WordPress.com and start a blog, but you need to pay for an upgrade to customize your domain name and install some of it.

When we mention WordPress.com, we call it WordPress.com and never call it WordPress because it is a totally different thing.

What are the Pros of using WordPress?

Soooooo Easy to set up a website!!

Those who do not have coding background, it really helps you to create a website from scratch.

It approximately just take an hour for a simple website! So awesome!!!! You literally don’t have to code at all, plus it has a user-friendly interface, you can drag the block you want and Plug-in (I will introduce in the further article)any tool you want, such as WooCommerce, Email marketing, and Google analytics.

High market share

The percentage of the WordPress market share in CMS system dominated, with 64.9%, and second market share started from approximately 5.5%, which shows WordPress is the first choice to start a website.

Many companies are using WordPress for their official website

How much money did it cost?

To set up a WordPress website, you need a domain and host; however, WordPress is totally free.


A domain is the address of the website such as howlzac.com

There is two domain supplier I highly recommend it!

  1. Namecheap: It cost a higher fee in the first year, however, the follow-up year is cheaper.
  2. GoDaddy: It cost lesser in the first year, however, the follow-up year is more expensive.

In addition, some Domain suppliers sell their domain with a host, so you should decide which one you want to use. For me, I strongly recommend using Namecheap for long-term usage.


The host is the home that holds WordPress, and when you enter the URL, you connect to the host address and ask the host to provide information about the website.

There are four types of host: Sharing hosting, VPS, Cloud hosting, and Dedicated hosting.

  • Sharing Hosting

A shared host is a resource that everyone shares the same space, and assuming that a host’s space is shared by 10 people, everyone will only use 10% of the resources.

Pros: Cheap, because you shared it.

Cons: The host might be affected by other users.

  • VPS

A VPS host is a separate resource space that you own and allocates an exclusive IP to you.

Pros: Affordable, and it is an independent host.

Cons: Need coding background:Linux

But there is some exception, such as Cloudways, it can host VPS, Cloud Hosting, and you don’t need to have a coding background and you can start a WordPress website!

  • Cloud Hosting

A cloud host is a resource that is part of a cloud network, not a single server.

Pros:Fast, Pay how much you use.

Cons: Need a coding background, and the fee is easily surges!

  • Dedicated Hosting

A Dedicated Host is an actual server, basically, the cost is too high, only large enterprises will use it, so we will not go into detail about it.

How to build a WordPress website?

I did lots of research, and I highly recommend these host suppliers. They are Cloudways, SiteGround, WPWebHost, Kinsta.


  • Use case:

For those who want to long-term use, and want to have a 24-7 service (Extremely important, things goes wrong usually at night time).

And good at English.

  • Price

With the Cloudways plus Linode 1GB plan, $12 per month plus $0.5 backup fee, and it is free for the very first 3 days!!!

  • Experience

The UI of the website is very nice, easy to use, and by the way this website is host on Cloudways, until now I did not face any difficulties !

Furthermore, 24-7 customer service is important ! You will release when your host has technical difficulties~

I will update a step-by-step video follow me!


  • Use case

For those who want a mandarin (Chinese) service and interface, it is a good choice! And you can get a good deal, with no additional fee to renew.

  • Price

WP Blogger program, purchased for three years at $3 per month, purchased for one year at $5 per month, with a permanent free domain (annual payment)

  • Experience

WPWebHost is a relatively new WordPress host with, very cheap and well-used interface. But the host resources are not much, upgrade the price range is rather large, and novices, small sites to use suitable, load not down after the same turn Cloudways.


  • Use case

Dedicated to managing WordPress hosts, it’s idealfor large e-commerce sites with high online usage.

  • Pro $60/month
  • Experience

Nice service and quickly. If the site is large enough, you can consider to move here!