About me

My story

Hey guys! My name is Zac, I am Taiwanese, and currently, I am a software engineer. Now, I work 9 to 6, and the daily job is repetitive, monotonous, plus there are risks that you might be unemployed, such as company no longer need the service that you are working with, or there are cutting because of finance issues, so I decided to start up a website that can helping people and earn some penny with it, for me it sounds like a win win situation. I am good at online business, for instance, WordPress, affiliate market, Instagram marketing, you name it!

What is my motivation?

To help people who are interested in online businesses and in order to help them have another passive income, and when the income of the website outweighs that of your current job, you can quit and focus on your life, like traveling, go abroad and work where ever you want.

My ultimate goal

Through my website, you can learn some online business, like start a website, cryptocurrency investment and make a online class!

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